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About CL9 Entertainment LLC

CL9 Entertainment LLC, based in Los Angeles and New York, is a media company involved in film and television development and production. Jeff Eadie, CEO and Producer, founded CL9 Entertainment LLC with a vision to create and produce projects that not only spark the imagination but also inspire the soul, leaving a lasting impact on all who experience them. With over two decades of experience in the publishing industry, Jeff has developed a deep understanding and mastery of storytelling. His significant accomplishment in representing two New York Times best-selling books showcases his exceptional ability to identify, create, and produce content that deeply resonates with audiences. Jeff's comprehensive involvement and dedication to excellence have played a pivotal role in molding CL9 Entertainment LLC into a hands-on, passionate, and uniquely skilled production company.

Emmy® Award-winning Producer Paul Scott Adamo, Vice President and Producer at CL9 Entertainment LLC is a valued addition to the company's success. Paul has over 25 years in the entertainment industry as an award-winning Producer, Celebrity Booker, and Casting Director. Paul is a tirelessly dedicated professional who is an active member of The Producers Guild of America, The Television Academy, and The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Utilizing his immense relationships and industry experience, Paul enhances the company's mission of producing entertaining and inspirational films.​

Rod "Tuddy" Rinks, a rising talent in filmmaking, brings his passion and abilities to CL9 Entertainment LLC. His journey in Hollywood began as a makeup artist. However, it took only a short time for Rod to discover his true calling, storytelling, and creation behind the camera, where his deepest passion lies. His notable achievements include his debut feature film, "Made in Mexico," which he wrote, starred in, and co-directed with his longtime producing partner, Mario Lopez. His recent work, "Beautiful Darkness," has further showcased his talent and success, where he has garnered international acclaim on the film festival circuit as a writer and director. Rod's unique storytelling ability and diverse experience make him a valuable addition to CL9 Entertainment LLC.

Mary Gardner, Communications Director, brings her visionary leadership and extensive public speaking, media, and networking expertise to CL9 Entertainment LLC. With a proven background in coaching high-profile individuals to maximize their influence and charisma, Mary's role is pivotal in driving impactful storytelling and fostering compelling communication within the company. Her adeptness in media engagement and trend expertise elevates CL9's film productions, helping connect with diverse audiences effectively.


Executive Team

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Jeff Eadie
CEO | Producer

Paul Scott Adamo - Final _edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Paul Scott Adamo
VP | Producer


Natalia Lipretti
Executive Assistant | AP


Rod "Tuddy" Rinks
VP Dev | Director | Producer 

Mary on red jacket_orig_edited.jpg

Mary Gardner
Communications Director 

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